Monday, January 11, 2010

Minutes of January 11, 2010 Meeting
Guest Speaker: Susan Simon, M.A., CCC-SLP with the Los Angeles Union School District (LAUSD)
Ms. Simon worked as an SLP for LAUSD for many years, and is now an administrator. She currently supervises 70 SLPs. LAUSD employs 400 SLPs, and is probably the largest employer of SLPs in the state. LAUSD covers 700 miles and includes 8 local school districts.
• LAUSD is the 2nd largest school district in U.S., with 640K students, 82,000 in Special Ed, and 28,000 receive speech-language services
• Urban & suburban experience, and everything in-between; caseload variety, curriculum based intervention
• LAUSD offers employees the opportunity to change to different position – not just SLP – e.g., opportunities to become administrator, or vice-principal, in smaller districts, this would not be possible not the
• For SLPs, the following is offered by LAUSD:
o CFY/RPW supervision, District Sponsored continuing education, Prevention & Intervention Services: focus on RTI, have to prove to a team that you have helped the child (help teachers), Leadership opportunities, Web based IEPs & daily documentation, District provide lap-top, Students with variety of disabilities ages 3-22
• Salary Options for SLP: with MA and CA License $61,433/$70,756 (Special Services pay scale – applies to SLP grads who have never worked as a teacher; however, $70,000 is probably not available for a CFY year), with a credential SLP salaries are $45,637 - $72,592 (based on teacher pay scale, not applicable to new SLP graduates)
o Work 180 work days with 10 weeks off at summer, 3 weeks off in winter, and 1 week off in spring
o By 5th year, SLPs can expect to earn up to $76,000 annually at LAUSD
• LAUSD SLP Employment requirements:
o Online applications
o MA in SLP or ComD
o Eligibility for CA SLP or SLP credential
o CBEST (take it now, your score will last forever)
o Successful interview
• Other requirements: Health & TB clearance, Fingerprint, Transcripts, Employment eligibility documents, Letters of Recommendation
• Other Benefits: 20 paid holiday, 10 illness/sick days yearly (accumulate if not used) can take them to other district in CA, District-paid medical, dental, vision, which includes spouse or domestic partner & dependents; District paid life insurance; STRS membership; Loan forgiveness; LA teachers mortgage assistance; Credit union
• Myth about LAUSD: get lost in such a big district – given your assignment
o Truth: are part of central office, assignments are made from there, and when first start, have intensive training for 2 weeks, when go to school site where you are helped w/scheduling your students
o And once per month, meet with all new trainer, and this goes on for 12 months – have meetings with your trainers, e.g., how to use an interpreter
o Every year, are given an assignment survey – and can ask to go elsewhere
For more information: Susan Simon 213-241-6200; email; see also website:
Currently offering $5,000 stipend for 2nd year grad students – if you know you want to work as a public school SLP, interview with LAUSD and, if offered a position (which would begin after graduation), agree to a 2 year work commitment, and you get a check for $5,000.

Monday, January 04, 2010

NSSHLA meeting January 11, 2010

Guest Speaker: Susan Simon of LAUSD will discuss the benefits of working at LAUSD
Time: 3:15 p.m.
Place: KHB 111