Sunday, April 09, 2006

Team NSSLHA @ the MS Walk

After months of preparation, fundraising, and anticipation, Team NSSLHA at Cal State LA represented at the National Multiple Sclerosis Walk! This fantastic team raised $2,222.00!

Although the MS Walk was set to begin at 9 AM, walkers actually officially began at 8:45 AM. At 8:47 AM, half of Team NSSLHA was already separated from the other half.* Oops! That wasn't because they were racing to the Finish Line to be first in line for Louise's Trattoria...that was because the walk was supposed to start at 9 and some of us really wanted our free chocolate protein bar, bottled water, and fruit!
*The unlost half is represented in this picture. The gentleman in back is NSSLHA Vice-President's significant other, not a random picture-crasher.

See NSSLHA Treasurer in the blue? She is looking out for her lost team members. What a sport! She helped reunite the team. Phew!

Hundreds of volunteers and corporate sponsors supported the thousands of walkers. With so many people walking, there was no way we could have sprinted if we wanted to! Instead, we leisurely strolled past the LA Memorial Coliseum, tyco drummers, Exposition Park, many babies in strollers, the Natural History Museum, groups of volunteers with cookies, water, and fruit, and the California Science Center. Team NSSLHA is proud to say that even though we strolled around and through USC, we did not cut corners! We walked every bit of the 5K route. :)

Some of us (i.e., our awesome Team NSSLHA Co-Captain who doubles as our NSSLHA Newsletter editor)* were so excited to see the Finish Line (not because it was such a long walk, but because we felt a great sense of accomplishment) that we started taking pictures when we saw the Finish Line. The other Co-Captain commented, "Um, shouldn't we actually cross the Finish Line?"

*She was not the only one. She just happened to be singled out because we love her so much. :)

So we did and kiddo volunteers awarded each walker with medals! We are truly winners!*

*Sans NSSLHA President and a loyal NSSLHA member, this is a picture of the lost-for-a-few minutes half.

What a success Team NSSLHA was!

Next year, we hope you will join us when we are even more prepared with matching bunny ears or shirts, balloons, NSSLHA signs along the route, and an airplane banner message to cheer us on.

Okay, we're slightly kidding about the latter, but definitely serious about the former.

Thanks again to all participants and donors for truly helping the National Multiple Sclerosis Society fight and find a cure.

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  1. Kristin12:53 AM

    Cheryl - awesome post, as usual.

    Thanks for highlighting all the fun. You just forgot one thing, the big airplane sitting in the middle of LA! WHAT was that about???

    Great post and again, a big thanks to those who joined and supported the NMSS! $2222.00 is an incredible job!