Thursday, May 04, 2006

Big Sunday ' this Sunday, May 7!


On May 7, 2006 up to 25,000 volunteers (!) of all ages will join Mayor Villaraigosa and volunteer at more than 200 different non-profit sites. It’s all part of BIG SUNDAY ’06, L.A.’s Annual Day of Service.

BIG SUNDAY volunteers come from neighborhoods all over Los Angeles – and volunteer in neighborhoods all over Los Angeles. There are volunteer opportunities for every passion, every talent, and every age. Projects are scheduled throughout the day to work with any schedule. Projects can last anywhere from one hour to all day.

Everything about BIG SUNDAY is completely non-denominational, non-political and free. All anyone is asked for is their time and their talent. The day is totally underwritten by private, corporate, and foundation grants and donations.

BIG SUNDAY projects are designed to be completed in one day; however, for many, BIG SUNDAY is just the beginning of an involvement that continues throughout the year.

BIG SUNDAY is not just a community service day. It is a community building day, too. You see, the idea behind BIG SUNDAY is that no matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what you do, everyone has some way they can help someone else.


BIG SUNDAY started in 1999 as Temple Israel of Hollywood’s Mitzvah Day. By last year, BIG SUNDAY had evolved into an annual, city-wide volunteer day involving more than 8000 volunteers from more than 100 different synagogues, churches, schools, offices and clubs at nearly 150 different non-profits!

At the same time, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has – first as city councilman, then as mayor – sponsored nearly one dozen very successful and popular local community days of service. Last fall, at his first Citywide Day of Service, more than 7500 volunteers worked together to do dozens of projects at six public high schools across Los Angeles!

Now, it is with enormous anticipation and excitement that Mayor Villaraigosa’s office and Big Sunday have joined forces for BIG SUNDAY ’06, L.A.’s Annual Day of Service. Our goal is to become the largest citywide volunteer day in America, not in response to a man-made or natural disaster, but simply because that is the kind of people we are, and this is kind of city we live in.

Please join us. After all, whoever you are, whatever you do, we can use your help.

Everyone helps, everyone wins.
For more information on the over 230 volunteer opportunities in and around LA for Big Sunday '06, please visit here.

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