Friday, May 14, 2010

Minutes May NSSLHA Meeting

Behavioral Learning Center, Inc.
Unlocking Autism One Piece at a Time

Speaker: Jody Steigemeyer, M.S., SLP CCC, BCBA
Clinical Director

Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. (BLC)
(From the Brochure)

Mission Statement:

Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. (BLC) is an agency serving children within Southern California. BLC is currently authorized to provide intensive behvaioral services (Discrete Trial Training/Applied Behavior Analysis) and Functional living skills(Adaptive Skills Intervention Program) to consumers who possess the diagnosis of Autism or other developmental disabilities (according to DSM-IV-TR) and who range in age from 2-14 years of age.

BLC believes that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and excel. The philosophy of on-going collaboration between parent/caregiver and provider is of "utmost" importance and is necessary for the effectiveness of the intervention.

BLC Strives to provide the highest quality of service in a caring environment. Each program is custom tailored to meet each child's unique needs and individual characteristics.

Behavioral Learning Center, Inc.
Discrete Trial Training * Adaptive Skills Training
28514 Constellation Road
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 254-7086

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    BLC is beholden to regional center money. They recommended services stop for my one son and then refused to provide services under a stay put. They then recommended services stop for my younger son because he "no longer needed them." An independent assessment countered their recommendation and we changed providers.

    I know regional centers are having funding issues, but a provider needs to be unbiased and recommend what is needed. Former employees confirmed that BLC does what regional center wants, though Jody will deny this with the biggest smile.

    What a terrible experience we had....