Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18th Mtg Notes


Thank you to all of you who were able to attend our first NSSLHA meeting of 2011. We had a bigger turn out than expected and we appreciate all of you for bearing with our small room.

If you didn't get to make it to the meeting or missed a few things, here are some notes for the meeting!

January 18, 2011 NSSLHA Meeting Notes

Guest Speaker Susan Simon
  • Working with LAUSD
    • LAUSD covers 700 square miles (2nd largest after NY)
      • excludes Beverly. Hills, Culver City, and Santa Monica
      • currently 418 SLPs-biggest employer in the states
      • 800 schools (3yrs-22yrs)
    • allow the therapists to grow
    • can work in various areas (special ed center, young children, older children)
    • can do assignment survey and request where you want to work since LAUSD is so large
    • case load variety
    • second largest school district
    • different from working from hospitals and private practice because LAUSD helps children access their education program
    • new therapist support: when you go out on your interviews ask about “New Therapist Support”
      • New Therapist Support:
        • have 2 weeks of intensive training and trainers tell you what to do when sent out to designated schools
        • teach you how to treat
        • meet trainers once a month
        • allows you to network and build a cohort
    • If you’re a person that wants to work in the schools, you should find a district where you can grow with the administration
      • there are several SLPs that work in administration (i.e., principals, etc.)
  • Benefits
    • CFY/RPE supervision
    • District Sponsored Continuing Education
    • Prevention and Intervention Services
    • Leadership Opportunities
    • Web based IEPs documentation (get laptop from LAUSD)
  • Salary Options for SLPs
    • With Masters Degree and CA license
      • Starting at $61,433 (180 days of work)
      • within 5 years: $70,756
      • done at 4pm
      • have summer and winter break and holidays off
  • With Credential
    • Starting at $45,637 to $52,552
  • Employment Requirements (not an exhaustive list)
    • online application
    • master’s degree in SLP or COMD
    • Health & TB clearance
    • fingerprint clearance
    • transcripts 2 sets
    • employment eligibility components
    • letter of recommendation
    • CBEST
  • Benefits of employment with LAUSD
    • paid holidays
    • competitive salaries
    • illness leave with 10 days a year with roll over (you can take sick days with you from district to district)
    • district pays for your full medical, dental, vision and some life insurance
    • if you have a domestic spouse and 12 children, the district will pay that for you without touching your pay check.
    • state teacher retirement- put five years in the system, after that you are guaranteed a monthly income for retirement
    • loan forgiveness: if you work for a title 1 school, you get $17,500 waived if you have federal loans.
    • mortgage assistance/credit union
  • Additional incentives for LAUSD speech therapists
    • new therapist orientation and support
    • professional growth, advancement and special assignments
    • collaboration with School professionals
    • provides materials without a budget
  • LAUSD Administrative Offices Recruitment and Selection
    • 18th floor 333 South Beaudry ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Susan Simon (213) 241-6200
  • William Hatrick (213) 241-5300, ext 29293
      • email: william.hatrick@lausd.net
  • if you graduate august 2012, you are eligible for interview with the district, LAUSD will write you a check for $5000 (scholarship stipend-tax free)
    • must commit 2 years (one for fellowship)
    • do student teaching with LAUSD
    • Application website

Guest CSULA Graduate Speaker working for LAUSD
  • worked for LAUSD because of incentives (support from many people, stable job)
  • worked with preschoolers to a young man in prison
  • good professional development

  • How much control do we have with where we will be placed?
    • When you get signed on with LAUSD, you don’t know what your assignment is. Assignments are made in spring for fall. You sign up for the entire district. LAUSD will put you within 25 miles from your home. They take into consideration what you want. Coming mid year your assignment may change.
  • What are the chances of a SLP getting laid off?
    • Slim. Most likely other people will get cut before a SLP does.
  • Anything may happen to health benefits in the future?
    • LAUSD still offers lifetime health benefits. This may change.
    • When you hire into a district, you are on a 1-2 year probation. At your 3rd year you have an evaluation and it’s determined if you have permanent status. If you have permanent status and want to work part time, your benefits are still covered; this may change however.
  • What’s the desire for bilingual for monolingual therapists?
    • 70% of district is designated for ELL. Of that 70%, 90% are Spanish speaking.
    • If a child is bilingual, assessment must be done in English and Spanish
    • If language of instruction is English, treatment is in English.
    • Being monolingual doesn’t hinder you from getting hired.
  • If you work in Special Ed, do you get special training?
    • No.

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