Tuesday, March 08, 2011

March Meeting Notes

Here's our meeting notes for March!

Thanks to Diane Collins and Mitch Holden for coming!

March Mtg Notes
Guest: Diane Collins (CSHA President) and Mr. Holden
  • Announcements
  • Guest speakers: Mr. Holden (part of District 6) and Diane Collins
  • Joining CSHA
    • help at the upcoming convention March 24-27 at the Los Angeles Biltmore
      • opportunities to help out
      • there’s a student luncheon
      • on the 25th of the convention there's a district reception where students receive scholarships that they applied for
        • free president reception with food and a classic rock band afterward
      • on 26th there’s a student luncheon where the students who received scholarships get acknowledged again
    • be a Student Representative
      • contact janice@csun.edu for more information
        • to volunteer at the CSHA convention and let her know you want to help
      • or contact Diane Collins: slpdicollins@aol.com
    • can work at the state level or district level
    • can possibly be in the state board
      • Mr. Holden works for District 6
    • Why get involved?
      • room for professional growth
      • good networking (e.g. get help making goals, get new connect ions etc)
      • go to www.csha.org
        • can see quarterly highlights
        • see resources of opportunities for students and SLPAs
        • get legislative updates (from Robert Powell) for professional development at calendar events
        • one upcoming event is the Survivor Symposium (for students) at Chapman University
      • you get subscribed to the CSHA magazine
      • if you go to the CSHA convention you can get a reduced rate for CSHA membership
      • there’s an Ambassador Program
        • if you have a friend join, you get 10 points.
          • each 10 points is a gift certificate
          • if you get 5 friends to join, that’s one year CSHA membership
          • 10 friends= one free convention registration
  • Mitchell Holden
    • responsible for District 6 (includes Los Angeles area)
    • several legislatures of CSHA are responsible for protecting our profession
    • CSHA is a great place for networking.
      • Mr. Holden started to be a member in CSHA in San Francisco
      • was mentored by many people and had several opportunities
      • every job he received was due to his networking in CSHA
      • great camaraderie
    • use to work in the hospitals and presently works in the schools
    • CSHA provides great discounts for conventions and CSHA workshops
    • contact for more information: mholdenslp@msn.com
  • If interested in going to the CSHA convention
    • join by Thursday for the discounted rate (preregistration $110 for all 4 days; and after Thursday: $145)
    • can sign up at www.csha.org
  • Join CSHA as a student for $35
    • get professional growth and opportunities
    • can join online www.csha.org
  • Student scholarship program
    • this past year 5 scholarships were rewarded
    • look for upcoming scholarship programs later this spring
      • these are due by September 25, 2011

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