Monday, February 13, 2006

And the winner is...!

Dr. Edward S. Klein!

With a guess of 480, Dr. Klein came the closest (without guessing over the amount of 484), to how many Hershey's kisses are in the jar! As the winner, Dr. Klein will be presented on Valentine's Day, with the jar of sweets and 2 free general movie tickets! (Note: this FUNdraiser was not don't hate -- congratulate!)

Many of you may know Dr. Klein as the COMD Department Chairperson, but we know him as one of the best educators in the field of Speech-Language Pathology! (In addition to his associates, of course!)

Dr. Klein has been at CSULA since Winter Quarter of 1999, after teaching as an Associate Professor at Whittier College and serving as Department Chair at the University of Utah. In addition to receiving numerous grants for equipment and research, Dr. Klein also published a textbook in 1996 (currently being used in graduate course COMD 553). (Wow! What a *seksy* cover, Dr. Klein!)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Dr. Klein!

P.S. How did Dr. Klein come up w/ a number just 4 shy of the actual amount? Dr. Klein divulged, "nice to see that the scientific method still works." (Hm, perhaps we better pay closer attention in COMD 458 Research Methods!)

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  1. Not the Winner12:32 AM

    Congrats Dr. K! Are you planning to share all those kisses with your favorite students??