Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hoop dreams of a teen with autism

Hope you enjoy this track from Google videos:

When the high school basketball team manager with autism "got his chance in the spotlight, he shattered everyone's expectations by scoring 20 points in four minutes."

Click here to watch the hoop dreams of a teen with autism.


P.S. Re: "people first" language ~ as future professionals, we need to be sensitive about putting individuals before their disability. According to commentator Kathy Snow of the Disability is Natural website, people first language describes what a person has, not who a person is. "It's all about respect and dignity, not political correctness."

P.P.S. The "P.S." was added in because Google referred to the teenager as "the autistic teen." =O

Happy 10th week,
Your NSSLHA Secretary with a minor case of insomnia/"2nd wind"

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  1. Kristin5:31 PM

    Cheryl - thank you for bringing this to our attention. That video captures such joy and kindness, true sportsmanship and love of the game.