Saturday, March 04, 2006

MS Awareness Week March 13-17

You may have noticed that several NSSLHA members are actively involved in raising awareness of multiple sclerosis. As previously mentioned (again & again ;), several of us are participating in the National MS Walk on April 9th, and we are also hosting a representative from the National MS Society at our next NSSLHA meeting on Monday, March 6!

We hope that as future communication disorders professionals, you will join us in learning more about MS and raising awareness during the week of March 13 through 17. We are not psychics (most of the time), so we cannot predict whether you will help individuals with MS in your near future, but we can assure you that the more knowledge you have of all the disorders and diseases that our future clientele may have, the better off you -- and society -- will be. :)

More information will follow.

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