Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Q&A Wednesday: Getting A's

What do you need to do to get all A's?

For those of you who are in the undergraduate classes, you may notice that enrollment has increased as much as 30%! Unfortunately, that translates to fiercer competition. There really are no new tricks; just reminders to not procrastinate when studying for exams and completing projects and to immediately seek clarification of topics. If you are not comfortable asking a question in class or during office hours, remember that most of your professors are easily accessible via e-mail. Take advantage of the assistance that is offered, such as the Phonetics discussion conducted by one of our top grad students!

As for graduate students, time management is incredibly important…especially when you should study, study, study! In addition, try new study techniques:

· Audio-record lectures. It can be challenging capturing all pertinent notes the first time around. Recording lectures is a surefire way of capturing all the notes missed in lecture when you listen to them again! It is obviously time-consuming but for some classes, it can be well worth the time.

· Flashcards and other visual guides. You may be surprised at how much of a visual learner you actually are. Use colored pens and highlighters when you create flashcards and visual study guides (e.g., flowcharts, diagrams, tables).

· Join a study group. Sometimes hearing a fellow classmate re-explain a concept makes it more understandable and more impressionable (hence, making recall a bit easier during the exam).

· Create mnemonics. Mnemonics Neatly Eliminate Man's Only Nemesis - Insufficient Cerebral Storage. ;) Need we say more?

· Ask questions in class. It really is true that if you are wondering about something at least three others are too. Be the brave one who actually asks!

Having said all that, do not lose sight of your education – it is not all about getting A’s anymore. A solid “B” is just as valuable if you have worked hard, understood the material, and did your best. In the long run, the most important thing is that you learn. (We know, it sounds cheesy, but it's just the truth!)

Aim for the “A,” but give yourself some leeway if you don’t always get the “A.”

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements during and at the end of the quarter! Sometimes rewarding yourself even with something small and simple is just what you need to keep you going!

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  1. Nancy2:46 PM

    Nicely said... thank you for reminding us to be understanding with ourselves as well.

  2. Kristin9:48 PM

    Nice work Cheryl!