Monday, November 06, 2006

NSSLHA presents Ms. Anne Davis from PCDA

On Monday, November 6, NSSLHA hosted a special guest, Ms. Anne Davis from the Pasadena Child Development Associates, Inc. (PCDA). We were pleased to have Ms. Davis share about her background and current experiences as well as information on PCDA. Ms. Davis has over 20 years of experience working with children and adults. Shortly after receiving her Masters degree, she worked in a special needs school for children with neuromusculur and physical challenges. Following, she worked at a school with children with autism and emotional impairments. Ms. Davis also provided services in a hospital setting (rehabilitation and acute care) and offered private services before arriving at PCDA. She is currently the lead speech and language pathologist at PCDA and is a Hanen certified instructor for parents.

PCDA is a private clinic serving children from birth to 12 years of age. This private child development group provides evaluation, consultation, and intervention services through a multi-disciplinary team that includes a developmental pediatrician, child development/parenting clinical nurse specialists, marriage and family therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, child development specialists, behavior specialists, dietitians, developmental interventionists, and music therapists.

Although PCDA is a private group, they differ from a private therapist in many ways. First and foremost, their philosophy drives them to “include the families in all aspects of care, work across disciplines and in a collaborative way to gain a more complete understanding of the child, and the most effective intervention possible; and use a play-based, relationship approach to promote social-emotional development.” Based on their core beliefs, the organization provides services that are strongly influenced by Dr.

Stanley Greenspan’s DIR Approach, which includes “Floor Time” (a method of incorporating the socioemotional development of a child into the therapy provided).

Their clientele includes children from a variety of disabilities, and therapy is provided in either individual or group sessions. Primary caregivers are required to attend every session to receive coaching in helping their child in daily routines.

A unique opportunity for professionals employed at PCDA is attending their weekly meetings. In general, the professionals from all different disciplines get together for discussions. Once a month, a speaker will present on a topic of interest. On other occasions, a clinician will bring a videotape of one of their 50-minute sessions, and the professionals present will discuss what they see. This time of clinical reflection enhances growth and knowledge, as professionals from different disciplines share their perspective on the child’s socioemotional development and collaborate for therapy to provide the best services available. PCDA is one of the few work settings that practice this method of clinical reflection.

Ms. Davis encourages future SLPs to contact her to tour the facility or observe a session. If you are interested, please contact her at (626) 793-7350 or e-mail her at

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Thank you Ms. Davis!

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