Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NSSLHA proudly participates in Holidays from the Heart!

Since 1993, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) has sponsored “Holidays from the Heart,” a program that provides their “most financially challenged families with basic tools to enjoy a fuller and happier holiday season.” This program provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations to purchase gifts for families who have children who are chronically ill or injured, and who are financially unable to provide for themselves and their children during the holiday season. According to CHLA, “The program is unique because it identifies and acknowledges patients as well as all family members who live in the same home and thus are impacted by caring for a child who is ill.”

For the first time, NSSLHA at CSULA has adopted a family to support, thanks to Rebekah, our talented and brilliant colleague who also works at CHLA – and who also designed our NSSLHA logo.

The family we are fortunate to help consists of a mother, father, and two-month old boy named Jairo. Items on Jairo’s family’s wish list include baby blankets, a portable play pen, musical toys, a bathtub, clothes, gas and grocery gift cards, bed sheets, and bath towels. In addition to making their holiday wishes come true, we would like to purchase some educational toys and story books for Jairo and a gift card to a restaurant for his parents to get a break. Gifts are not limited to their wish list, and all gifts will be most appreciated. The only request is that the gifts be new and unused for health and safety reasons. Please see below for a complete (but not inclusive) wish list.

NSSLHA extends our deepest appreciation to those of you who have already donated to Jairo’s family. We are extremely excited to participate and we know that you are, too, as you have already helped raise $150 in just two days!! Rest assured, we will spend your monetary gifts wisely to purchase items his family needs…and a few “fun” things that they may want (more than need). ;) Our adopted family will be overwhelmed this holiday season, thanks to you.

We will continue to collect donations and gifts from the wish list until November 30th. Donations will continue to be collected in class. Please contact a NSSLHA officer regarding donating a gift; upon receipt, all new gifts will be wrapped free-of-charge by the NSSLHA officers. ;) All gifts will be inventoried, photographed, and published on this website so you can see how much you have impacted Jairo’s family. We will keep you updated on this so continue to check back!

For many families, this will be the only holiday that they receive gifts, and for some of CHLA’s patients, this will be their last holiday season. NSSLHA wants to ensure that Jairo and his family share a wonderful first holiday together amidst their troubles, so NSSLHA is matching each dollar donated up to $200.00! We are just $50 shy! Together, we can do it!

If you have questions please contact any NSSLHA officer. Thank you, again, for your generosity and for helping NSSLHA help Jairo! Have a wonderful holiday season.

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Wish List

Mom is 19 years-old. Her preferred color is pastel blue. She wears size 2 pants, medium-sized tops, and size 5 shoes. Mom needs:

  • Sweat suit
  • Winter jackets
  • House slippers
  • Bath robe
  • Bath towels (the more the better! Less trips to the laundromat...)
  • Queen-size sheets
  • Nightgown

Dad is 20 years-old. His preferred color is black. He wears 40x30 pants, XXX in shirt-size, and size 10 shoes. Dad needs:

  • Pants
  • Flannel button down shirts
  • Gas gift cards
  • Pin-striped dress shirts

Jairo is 2 months-old. His preferred colors are yellow, brown, and orange. His clothing size is 6-9 months (but keep in mind that babies grow fast within their first year or two so buying 12 months+ is okay, too!). Jairo needs:

  • Bath tub
  • Portable play pen
  • Musical toys
  • Baby blankets
  • Baby clothes (e.g., booties, mitts, knit caps, onsies, twosies, etc.)
  • Other baby necessities (e.g., diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, baby oil, bottles, bottle liners)
Lastly, please continue to check the comments under this post to see which gift items have been purchased. Keep in mind -- just because a gift has been purchased does not mean that you cannot purchase the same item! The more the better!


  1. Rebekah1:51 AM

    Thanks to all who are participating! To start it off, I am purchasing a baby bath tub. :)

  2. Kristin1:53 AM

    Double thanks to all! NSSLHA is so proud of all of you for stepping up!

    My husband and I will purchase a pin-striped shirt for Dad, slippers for Mom, 2 bath towels, and a surprise gift for Jairo.

  3. Kimberly3:56 PM

    I will take care of the sheets and some TBD baby stuff!

  4. Heather Cones9:45 PM

    My husband and I will get 2 bath towels and a gas card.

  5. Andrea7:03 PM

    I will get a baby blanket and baby wipes

  6. Cheryl9:46 PM

    Many thanks to all who have contributed. Even keeping "our" family in our thoughts is a gift. :)

    The .5 BF/.5 Fiance & I bought Mom a jacket and Jairo Jr. a 1 y/o baby blanket.

  7. Heather Cones10:17 PM

    We got a bathrobe for mom, too. Does anyone know where to get a gas card? (We tried 6 gas stations!)

  8. Cheryl12:37 AM

    Thank you so much for your gifts, Heather! Please thank your husband, too!

    Shell Gift Cards are supposedly available at Walgreens and "participating Shell stations." =P

    Another hit & miss: "ExxonMobil Holiday Cash Cards now available at participating Exxon and Mobil stations."

    Arco, Chevron, and 76 appear to only be available through online or phone purchase. :(

    Am I missing any other station?