Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Rachelle DeVore

Rachelle DeVore is a first year post-bacc student running for NSSHLA Post-Bacc Representative. A native New Yorker, Rachelle relocated from NYC to LA in May of 2005 with the intention of studying at Cal State LA! Prior to her move, Rachelle graduated from NYU where she majored in musical theater and worked as an ABA therapist. Today, Rachelle tutors nine children in English and Language Arts through the "No Child Left Behind" program and will be helping to build homes in the St. Bernard Parish area of New Orleans (one of the communities most devastated by Hurricane Katrina) with "Habit For Humanity", in June, 2007.
Rachelle feels she is the perfect candidate for taking on this new and developing role while learning from and assisting the current board members. If elected, Rachelle will incorporate her diverse interests and experiences into fullfilling the responsibilities of this position. Rachelle offers a unique and creative perspective, a positive attitude, and a dedication to ensuring that her fellow classmates are as enthusiastic about participating and contributing to NSSHLA at Cal State LA as she is.

Carol Nga Ching Wong

I will get the job done! Vote for Carol!! Hi! I am carol. We are probably in the same class together now or have been once before. If you still don't remember me, I'll give you a hint, I am the one who always comes up with weird questions for the professors. Well, I promise that I will continue to ask the questions you don't want to ask once I am elected. I will get my job done! I will represent all post-grad students in the Communication Disorders department to other graduates and professors. I will be the bridge between the department and the whole post-grad student body.

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