Monday, March 05, 2007

NSSHLA minutes from March 5, 2007

For those of you who were not able to attend our meeting this evening, here is what you missed:

Guest Speaker: Susan Simon -Speech Language Pathologist for LAUSD

Susan Simon began the meeting telling us a little about herself. She graduated from CSULA about 20 years ago and now works for the LAUSD.
Susan led the meeting using a Power Point Presentation giving us insight regarding working for the school system:

Speech and Language Program (ADVANTAGES):
~CYF/RPE supervision
~Direct Sponsor Continuing Education
~Prevention and Intervention Services
~Leadership Opportunities- LAUSD is always looking for this.
~Web Based IEPs and daily documentation
~Provided Laptop
~Students with variety of disabilities- large age group

SALARY- brand new just negotiated starting salary!
+++With Masters Degree and CA License start at $58, 000 for 180 days
$66, 479 for 210 days
+ 6% for the new negotiated salary.
+++With Credential start at %43, 564-$68,483
In 5 years, you will be at $72,000 for 180 days
In 5 yrs, you will be at $85,000 for 210 days.

Employment Requirements
~Online application
~Masters degree
~Eligibility for CA license in Speech
~Successful Interview
~Letters of Recommendation
~Health and TB clearance
~Fingerprint clearance

More benefits
~Paid Holiday and illness leave
~District-paid medical, dental and vision insurance for employee, spise or domestic partner and dependents.
~District-paid life insurance
~State Teachers Retirement System Membership
~Loan Forgiveness Programs available (for individuals who work in low income school for 5 years, you can be forgiven as much as $17,000)

Additional Incentives
~Lots of Special Assignments
~Collaboration with School Professionals
~The latest assessment and curriculum based tools.

Susan Simon
213 241 3333

Jeeda Gabriel
213 241 5300 ext. 29176

Visit the website at for additional information.


  1. Kristin4:34 PM

    Thanks NSSLHA Officers 2007 for bringing this speaker! She provided a wealth of information. This was an excellent meeting. Thank you for arranging it!

  2. Cheryl2:19 PM

    I heard it was a great meeting and wish I could have made it. Thank you for the informative post!